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Following the success of the first two editions in 2011 and 2015, has established itself as the leading guide to contemporary architecture, engineering, and urban development in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Indeed, many of the Luxembourg tourism industry actors, including the Ministry of the Economy, the "Direction Générale du Tourisme", Luxembourg for Tourism, the "Offices Régionaux de Tourismes", the Luxembourg City Tourist Office, and the Escher City Tourist Office, regularly refer to this tool in their respective communications.

The content of is also published on, an online information portal designed to help tourists plan their visits to our rapidlychanging country. contributes to the promotion of the country as part of the Luxembourg – Let’s Make it Happen campaign and on website.

The diplomatic network surrounding the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the initia tives implemented by both the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Culture all draw on the wealth of information provided in the guide.

This 3rd edition, which constitutes an important element in OAI’s list of significant initiatives designed to promote building culture, also includes the overhaul of the website, making it more user-friendly on all devices.

Thematic sections on design (e.g., hotels, shops, restaurants, etc.) will be set up with partners, thus enabling the user to do targeted queries.

By enlisting the services of Maison Moderne, particular care has been taken in the print edition, which includes a selection of the projects referred to on the website.

Achievements will be highlighted on social networks and media in order to promote the OAI professions.

The call for proposals issued among members of the OAI was greeted with a particularly enthusiastic response, with no fewer than 315 projects submitted.

Based on these proposals and previous editions, the OAI/Maison Moderne selection committee outlined 14 new itineraries to ensure the overall quality of the initiative.

The digital version will also include projects that are not referred to in the present book.

This new guide will help y ou discover, or indeed rediscover, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as a cutting-edge laboratory for new concepts in the field of sustainable construction!





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OAI/Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénigieurs-Conseils du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg / e-mail : / tel : +352 42 24 06
6, bd Grande-Duchesse Charlotte L-1330 Luxembourg

OAI/Maison Moderne Selection committee

Ralph Bingen, José Carsi, Albert Goedert, Marie-Astrid Heyde, Romain Hoffmann, Pierre Hurt, Alain Linster, Dr Robert L. Philippart, Élodie Rousseau-Vercel, Jean-Claude Welter

Persons in charge

Pierre Hurt, Yann Jegu, Jean-Claude Welter

With the financial support

Ministère de l'Économie du Luxembourg Ministère de la Culture du Luxembourg


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